FCC Chairman’s 3.10.16 Proposal on ISP Use of Customer Data

Last week, Federal Communications Chairman Tom Wheeler informally published a proposal to restrict ISP use of customer data:

If adopted, these would be the first privacy rules for Internet service providers, resulting largely from last year’s net neutrality regulations that expanded the Federal Communications Commission’s oversight authority over the industry. (Those rules are currently pending in court.)

Thursday’s unveiling of the proposal from Chairman Tom Wheeler is just a first step: The FCC is expected to vote to formally propose this plan on March 31, soliciting public comments on a variety of questions about how the rules should work before the final version gets drafted….

SeeFCC Proposal Would Limit What Internet Providers Can Do With Users’ Data @ NPR.

Here’s the draft released last week, and online at http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2016/db0310/DOC-338159A1.pdf:

Download (PDF, 50KB)