Prosecuted for Sharing a Master’s Thesis?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (of which I am a member) shares the case of Diego Gomez:

Today and tomorrow [2.1 and 2.2], there’s an oral hearing taking place for Diego Gomez, a Colombian student being prosecuted for sharing another student’s Master’s thesis with colleagues over the Internet—something that thousands of researchers do every day. Diego faces the possibility of years in prison, thanks to the steep penalties for copyright infringement that Colombia implemented as part of a 2012 trade agreement with the United States.

EFF has long held that extreme criminal copyright rules chill people’s rights, especially in countries where copyright law doesn’t protect users’ freedom of speech through robust fair use exceptions….

SeeStand with Diego. Support Open Access @ EFF.

I’ll update as news becomes available.  The EFF, by the way, describes fair use correctly: fair use provisions are exceptions to another’s copyright, not standalone rights, or rights at all.